From 1st Rounders to the 1st Round
April 14, 2010, 3:25 PM
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Well, stage one of the Kessel trade is complete. The trade right now is looking like Tyler Seguin, a 2nd, and a 2011 1st. Yes, Taylor Hall will go first.  You’re wrong if you think otherwise. As for the deal, it looks pretty steep. I wouldn’t call it a loss quite yet, and it definitely isn’t the worst trade we’ve made with the Bruins recently (Come back, Tuuka)

However, this deal won’t be able to be properly evaluated until Seguin (and the faceless teenager we hand over to the Bruins next year) is in his 2nd or 3rd year and as is. Our side of the trade; Phil Kessel, is still 21 and developing. Phil needs to have a big summer in the gym.

Either way, we’ve got a 21 year old who can score 30 goals with help or training camp. The best is yet to come.  This issue has been talked to death by Leafs fans so I’m simply not going to talk about it anymore. A twisted part of me curious what Habs fans think of the Kessel deal, though.

As was previously stated, this blog aims to provide a different angle on the Leafs and Habs. I’ve listened to Habs fans talk about their playoff chances  against the Capitals and I’m generally hearing the same thing: they’re going to get run over. And here it is, Habs fans: you’re going to get run over. Now, don’t get me wrong – the Capitals can be stopped (and will be, in my opinion, by the Penguins). Ovechkin and Backstrom are legitimate stars but I can’t see Alex Semin being a “dig deep” style of player to take you far into the playoffs. The questions continue on the back end, as the blue line is far from the best and the questions in goal are essentially endless for Washington.

These questions were asked by Plekanec the other day as he questioned Jose Theodore’s credentials. Apparently it isn’t enough for the Habs and company to throw their own two goalies under the bus. On a related note, I don’t think a man who wears a turtleneck to work should be dishing out advice of any sort.

I always liked Jose when he was in Montreal and I can’t deny that I’d take some pleasure to watch him shut the Habs down. However, I don’t think the Caps would be the reason for an early post-season exit for the Canadiens. With top talent including Gionta, Gomez, and the Kostitsyns I’m not exactly here screaming about “playoff warriors”. So unless whichever goalie you don’t boo out of the bell centre steals four games, Mikey Cammalleri carries the team on his back, or he parks himself in front of Halak and blocks shots with his giant head, your playoff toolbox is a few wrenches short.

So from my end, I think the Habs playoff hopes are out of their hands, and you’ll have to wait and hope that Ovechkin injures Nik Backstrom and Mike Green in a botched celebration. But hey – feel free to disagree. And if you don’t, at we can all unite in our collective effort to laugh the Sens out of first round at the hands of my prediction for champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

On an unrelated note: the first chirp from this blog comes from PPP, who, when I asked him how to promote this blog to the Hab community he suggested we “write it in crayon”.