The NHL 2010 Playoffs Drinking Game
April 21, 2010, 12:52 AM
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There are some things about the NHL Playoffs that are certain:

1) Teams will rise to the occasion

2) Teams will crumble and fall

3) Alcohol Consumption will adjust itself accordingly.

Whether you’re celebrating a Stanley Cup victory or drowning your sorrows, we are here to offer you some guidelines to enhance your playoff experience.


  • Dan Carcillo does a tough guy act while the referee holds him back (+1 if he looks particularly like Popeye the Sailor while doing so)
  • During a Predators game you remember that Jason Arnott is still in the NHL
  • Daniel Alfredsson makes any form of guarantee
  • Play is delayed because of the puck getting stuck in Scott Hartnell’s hair
  • Mike Babcock smiles (or does anything except scowl)
  • Alex Ovechkin celebrates a teammates goal as if he scored it himself
  • Every time the word “Stempniak” is said by a commentator
  • Someone questions how aerodynamic Patrick Kane’s mullet is
  • Sidney Crosby takes a dive
  • Sidney Crosby takes a two-hander to the face and someone remarks that Crosby is a diver/pussy/too old to be living in Mario Lemieux’s basement
  • Ron Mclean is clearly holding back laughter during a Don Cherry rant
  • A call is blown on a video replay


  • A call is correctly made on a video replay
  • Tuukka Rask makes a great save and someone in a Leafs jersey is seen crying in the third row
  • A questionable 4th goal is let in and the backup goaltender is shown sitting on the bench
  • A questionable 4th goal is let in by a Canadiens goaltender and the fans are shown tipping over his car and burning down his parents house
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins; needing a spark to get momentum, send out Max Talbot to get the piss beat out of him.
  • A Phoenix Coyotes player accidentally steps on the ice prematurely wearing next years “Winnipeg Jets” jersey
  • Patrick Kane is shown on screen with his mouthguard actually in his mouth
  • Ovechkin is shown throwing water on his face (if unable to consumer anymore, feel free to splash beer on own face)
  • Dany Heatley is shown texting Mark Messier on his Blackberry while on the bench
  • Evgeni Malkin splits the D and dangles around Crosby’s shadow to score a highlight reel goal
  • Detroit Red Wings fans throw an octopus onto the ice
  • Phoenix Coyotes fans throw rubber snakes onto the ice


  • Chris Osgood realizes he has finally been unseated as the Red Wings starter and returns his helmet to the dumpster he found it lying next to in 1976
  • Maxim Lapierre actually drops the gloves instead of hiding in Plekanec’s turtleneck every time he has to back up his incessant yapping
  • Pierre Maguire mentions how awful Mellon Arena is (mere hours before he returns to his parents house to sleep under his Dion Phaneuf bedsheets)
  • A home game for the Ottawa Senators actually features the majority of the fans cheering for the Sens
  • Chris Pronger’s wife is shown researching new NHL cities to move to
  • Scott Hartnell’s wife is shown researching cities to fool around with Jeff Carter
  • Toronto Maple Leafs fans throw Jeff Finger onto the ice



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